Fencyboy - The electric fence sensor

Electric fence monitoring

Checking electric fences manually is a huge hassle, especially if your fences are extensive or located in remote areas. Driving to the location every day just to find that everything is functioning properly can be time-consuming and inefficient. And inevitably, the one day you don't check, a wire gets ripped off or the fence loses power, leaving your property and livestock vulnerable.

Fencyboy revolutionizes this process by allowing you to effortlessly monitor your electric fences from your smartphone. Our advanced sensor continuously tracks the fence's voltage in real-time, alerting you immediately if there are any issues. This means you can ensure the security and functionality of your fences without the need for constant physical inspections.


Power Options for Long Lasting Operation


Single-use Battery

The Fencyboy sensor achieves a battery runtime of more than 3 years thanks to a special outdoor IoT battery that's specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures. 


Solar Powered

Using a solar cell is a viable alternative to a single use battery making the sensor maintenance free. With just a bit of sunlight the sensor is able to sustain operation all year long. 


    Monitor every single energy impulse on the fence. Not just occasional averages.
    Waterproof enclosure for long-term outdoor operation
    LoRaWAN downlink commands for configuration


We deliver all kinds of insights about your electric fence. Here are some of them.


Trend Analysis

Long-term trends will show you when it's time to cut the grass and bushes next to your fence to keep efficiency high. Especially in the summer.


Sudden Change Detection 

Sudden events, such as a tree that has fallen on the fence or a ripped wire, cause a huge change in the voltage on the fence. In these cases, it's important to react quickly and fix the problem before it turns into a disaster. 

Fencyboy has been a game-changer for us. Recently, during a routine check, the electric fence was accidentally left off. Thanks to Fencyboy's integration with Datacake, we received an email alert after the fence had been off for three hours. This prompt notification allowed us to quickly resolve the issue before the animals noticed, ensuring their safety and our peace of mind. It's another great example of the power of IoT sensors, and we're thrilled with how well it works for us and our cows!

An early Fencyboy adopter